Since 1987, Microscope and Microtome Service Company has provided quality histology instrumentation and microscope service, while building a reputation for experience, honesty, professionalism and efficiency.

Our customers include Medical Universities, Private and Public Hospitals, Research Facilities, Independent Laboratories and Mohs Clinics throughout Texas, Arkansas, Oklahoma and Louisiana.

Our goal is to exceed your expectations by meeting your instrumentation serMicroscope-Sercvicevice needs, minimizing down time and allowing you to concentrate on your daily tasks through prompt, thorough and reliable service.

We have built a foundation of quality service and satisfied customers by striving to always do what is best for the  customer.

Please consider Microscope and Microtome Service Company for your next repair, annual PM or service contract.

We serve Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana and Arkansas – Contact us at 972-272-5200

OUR GOAL – is to meet your instrumentation service needs, minimize down time and allow you to concentrate on your daily tasks.

As your service provider, we will make every effort to prevent instrument down time by providing you with thorough preventive maintenance.. When a breakdown does occur, we will make it our priority to minimize your downtime by responding promptly to repair or correct the issue.